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Individualized personal training and F.I.T. program from our unique personal training studio, located in beautiful downtown Traverse City

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Decades of Combined Personal Training Experience

The Formative Fitness Team comes from a diverse background of approaches to personal training, with combined decades worth of experience

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Everything that you and your trainer need to get the job done.

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Serving to form something, esp. having a profound and lasting influence on a person‘s development: “his formative years”
Of or relating to a person‘s development: “a formative assessment”

The definition of “formative” has always helped serve us with a good reminder of who all of us at Formative Fitness are. Fitness is such a broad thing, and there is so much “information” out there. How do we chose the right path to reach our health and fitness goals based upon our own individual preferences, lifestyle and background?

Formative Fitness provides our clients with individualized personal training, as well as our F.I.T. program, from our premiere personal training studio, located in beautiful downtown Traverse City. Each of our experienced, nationally accredited, and hand-selected personal trainers and instructors work together to help each of our clients reach their unique goals in an enjoyable, lifestyle oriented way. What goal can we help you attain?