About Us

Formative Fitness opened its doors in 2009 to provide a comfortable, friendly personal training studio to those in the Traverse City area. Conveniently located on State Street in Downtown Traverse City, it is only a short walk or drive for most people in our beautiful area.

Meet our staff

Taking you through good workouts is just the beginning! From the moment you walk into our studio, it is our goal to inspire you to reach your full potential. This means different things to each of us, and because of this, we shape to meet these needs. The word “Formative” in fact means “To Take Shape”. We strive to combine many types of training, from typical strength and weight training, to speed and agility training, cardiovascular workouts, and stretching and injury repair / prevention. Also, we have extensive experience with nutrition and will work with you to make sure you are eating the right foods to reach your goals.

It is our belief that by combining the best of multiple training styles, workouts are fun and constantly changing and evolving. Also due to the range of exercises available, it is very easy to adapt our training to all of our clients, including young children, athletes, busy professionals, people recovering from injuries and those wishing to gain strength and flexibility as they age so that they can keep doing the things they truly love in life.

Each trainer at Formative Fitness shares these philosophies and will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. Have a question on the lunch menu at your favorite restaurant? Your trainer will help! Need ideas on where to take the family for a hike? We’ve got you covered. Not sure what to do when you‘re on vacation? We’ll provide you with a workout based on what equipment (Or the lack thereof) you have to work with. All of our clients enjoy these benefits included with their training for no additional costs.

Clients often ask us if they should keep their gym memberships. Because we are a personal training studio and don’t require clients to sign contracts, charge for memberships or have monthly fees, (The only cost is the personal training sessions) we encourage our clients to continue going to the gym if they chose, in the same way they would still enjoy outdoor activities or play sports while working with a personal trainer. In addition, we provide cardio equipment for use before and after training sessions. Our goal is simply to provide the best personal training experience in the area in a convenient, comfortable environment; you can even bring your own music to motivate you through your workouts while you are with us!