FIT Training




A lifetime of fitness starts with just 30 minutes.




FIT Training

F.I.T. (Fitness in Thirty) Training is a whole new concept in a “whole body” approach to fitness. So what exactly is it?

It’s personal

F.I.T. Training delivers customized training in a small group, half-hour session. Each session includes 3-5 members and one trainer, compared to 20 members or more for a typical fitness “class”. This ensures that each member receives the expert attention and encouragement needed to reach his or her specific fitness goals. F.I.T. Training is more than a “class”; it’s personalized training based on a plan that each member establishes and tracks with a F.I.T. Trainer according to that member’s specific fitness goals.

It’s professional

F.I.T. Training is based on a proprietary fitness system that leverages the knowledge and capabilities of the industry’s elite personal trainers. F.I.T. is delivered by highly qualified and certified trainers who are committed to the specific success of each member. F.I.T. trainers do more than build fitness; they emphasize proper form, helping to ensure that members stay healthy and injury free.

It’s universal

F.I.T. Training is based on a “whole body” approach to fitness that builds strength, stamina, and flexibility. F.I.T. trainers emphasize proper form to avoid injury while also encouraging the development of healthy lifestyle habits so each member can achieve and enjoy a lifetime of fitness.

It’s affordable

F.I.T. Training is a truly unique program in that it offers the customized approach of personal training at a much more affordable price.

It’s doable

F.I.T. Training is delivered in convenient, 30-minute sessions. So it’s the ideal workout during lunch, before or after work, or any time one has a free half hour. F.I.T. Training is quick, convenient, affordable and delivers a truly unique and effective fitness experience.