Our Team

Sebastian Garbsch CPT - ACSM

Sebastian Garbsch, founder of Formative Fitness, always tries to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

After losing his father at a very young age, largely due to an unhealthy lifestyle, Sebastian became committed to living a healthy, balanced life. For almost a decade, Sebastian has been sharing his passion for health and fitness with others, not simply through personal training, but rather by proactively helping them make health and fitness a part of their daily lives. Over the years, Sebastian has worked with clients from various backgrounds, with a wide range of goals, and tailors their programs to meet these goals. In addition, Sebastian has been extremely successful with working around clients who have limitations such as injuries and health concerns, when necessary.

Sebastian’s diverse approach to fitness is largely reflective of his passion for many physical activities, ranging from an immense list of outdoor activities, to traditional strength training and competitive sports. Sebastian’s only requirement of his clients (and himself) is that they strive to achieve their best.

Sebastian is accredited in personal training through ACSM, and also has earned an A.A.S. degree specializing in health and nutrition. Additionally, with the goal of creating a successful personal trainer studio, Sebastian earned his B.A. in Business, and holds various technology / accounting certifications.

Brenden Booth CPT - ISSA

Brenden Booth began his journey with health and fitness as a fun and healthy activity while living out west many years ago.

Over the years, this one time hobby has grown into a passion for helping other people reach their health and fitness goals in upbeat and positive ways. Since then, Brenden has learned about fitness in numerous ways, through training himself, competing in various fitness events, and by helping others. In Brenden’s free time, he enjoys many great eclectic things such as hiking, camping, taking pride in landscaping his home, singing, kayaking, tubing down the river, and listening to vinyl. Brenden is excited to offer Formative Fitness’s great Personal Team Training program, as well as 1-1 training.

Alex Sanderson

Alex’s fitness lifestyle began on the soccer field, having played from an early age, through high school and at Calvin College.

Alex next earned his Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science from Concordia University. In 2014, his passion for strength and fitness began to grow exponentially when he found the sport of strongman. Since then, he has competed at the national level three times, while coaching others to that same level. With this has come years of experience with weight training and functional movement with less than conventional objects, something life often throws our way. Alex believes that no matter the sport, physical endeavor, or activity, strength is paramount. Strength is the base and foundation a fit, healthy body needs to be built upon. With his diverse background in athletics and strength, as well as his loving attention to detail, you will reach your goals safely (and most likely with a bit of fun.) Regardless of age, ability level, or limitations, Alex will find a way to help you reach your goals. In his free time, Alex enjoys woodworking, spending time with his girlfriend and family, and seeing new places.

Abigail Baudry, NASM-CPT

Between years of competitive soccer and the requirements of her former modeling career, fitness has always been an integral part of Abby's life.

She was introduced to weight lifting through working with her own personal trainer, and she has been hooked ever since. It completely changed her relationship with her body and her perspective on fitness as a whole. Consequently, Abby earned her NASM certification so that she could share this passion and help others towards their fitness goals. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Abby moved to Traverse City in 2020 because of her love for the area and its people. She spends her spare time hiking, surfing (or any water sport for that matter), freelance writing, and checking out local breweries."

Beyleon Alejandro CPT - ACSM

Beyleon Alejandro, A.S., CPT-ACSM is a nationally certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine and has an Associates of Science degree from Northwestern Michigan College.

For over eight years Beyleon has trained and motivated individuals on how to exercise correctly with strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance workouts, how to efficiently train with little time, and has provided guidance on nutritional habit change. Beyleon has worked with populations ranging from age 11 through age 85.

In addition to training clients at Formative Fitness, Beyleon conducts summer training camps for athletes of various sports. These camps are intended to improve the athletes‘ speed, agility, balance, coordination, and overall endurance. The camps are successful and many athletes that have moved on to college are still training one-on-one with him during school breaks. Beyleon is also an assistant high school track coach where he instructs kids in sprinting and long jumping events.

No matter your age or fitness level, Beyleon will work with you to make certain that you get a great workout that is safe, effective, and fun. His approach is to first focus on the client’s immediate needs and goals and then facilitate their reaching new ones. He will make every transition to a healthy lifestyle enjoyable, effective, and safe at Formative Fitness. Feel free to call or email him about training or with any general questions about exercise and nutrition.

Emily Arbut

Emily is most passionate about inspiring positive transformation in others. Utilizing yogic philosophies and principles, Emily supports clients as they navigate the various stages of their life path: from injury to pregnancy to the typical progression of our bodies as we age.

Mind and body health needs shift throughout our lives, and a personalized yogic practice can help all individuals to realize the beauty and potential for growth in the all of the transitions and day-to-day joys & challenges of life.

Emily is a certified yoga instructor and postpartum doula. She has received specialized training in yoga for pregnancy, the postpartum period, and in pelvic floor health. Realizing that all bodies contain imbalances, Emily helps her yoga students improve body posture, alignment, strength and flexibility, regardless of where they are in life.

On a weekly basis, Emily offers private, couples and small group yoga instruction at the Formative space and online. Small group sessions have a max of 4 participants to allow for ample individual instruction. Her yoga students are provided with personalized yoga sequences, along with ample resources and tips to grow their yoga practice in-studio and at-home. Yoga is more than just poses, it is a personal path towards mindbody growth and self-discovery. Yoga is an amazing agent for positive transformation when given the right tools, support and perspective.

A native Michigander, Emily is at home in all 4 seasons. When not on the mat, you can find her hiking, running, biking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, playing tennis or learning something new- all with her toddler in tow. As active as her life can be, Emily also finds equal joy in the less active pleasures of reading, meditating and vegan cooking. She is excited to share her knowledge, passion and light with all who come into her path.